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P-O-S-E Vowel Training Videos

The suburban community of Mineola, population (2010) ~19,000, Long Island, New York is the county seat of Nassau County -- population (2012) 1.34 million. There is a 16.4% ethnic Spanish and Portuguese representation. In 2012-13, the Mineola P-O-S-E (Beta) Project targeted 10 classes of third graders that were baseline-tested in October 2012. Based on P-O-S-E outcomes, vowel training protocols were instituted involving ESL, SLP, Special Education and Reading disciplines. Students were RTI-retested in May, 2013. New York State ELA scores demonstrated that the greatest gains in Reading, among all grade levels, were achieved by the P-O-S-E-targeted third grade. 

Videos A1-2 demonstrate, in an ESL classroom context, baseline P-O-S-E vowel training, use of the Promethean board as a vowel training adjunct and RTI demonstration of outcomes in 6 representative 3rd grade ESL students. Video B1 shows a representative combined third grade P-O-S-E Spelling test. (All P-O-S-E(c) Reading tests are administered individually. Videos C1-2 illustrate P-o-S-E(c) Spelling (C1) andf Reading (C2) test administration.

Training video viewer control instructions.

A1. P-O-S-E Vowel Training: ESL 1; Baseline Vowel Training

A2. P-O-S-E Vowel Training: ESL 2; Using the Promethean Board

B1. P-O-S-E large group spelling non-word test in real time

C1. P-O-S-E INDIVIDUAL spelling non-word test in real time

C2. P-O-S-E INDIVIDUAL reading non- and real word test in real time

D1. P-O-S-E(c) exhibit slide display ASHA Schools Conference 2015;

July 10-12; Phoenix, AZ.

D2. P-O-S-E(c) exhibit booth video ASHA Schools Conference 2015;

July 10-12; Phoenix, AZ.

ESL 2 Video
Large Group Spelling
Ed Spelling
Ed Reading
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