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​Presentation to the Mineola U.F.S.D. Board of Education by
Pupil Personnel Services Director, Catherine Maiman, Ph.D. 12/20/12.

Superintendent of Schools' Reports for 12/20/12


1. Guest Presentation: Catherine Maiman-
                                                                   "The POSE Exam"


The Superintendent introduced Catherine Maiman, Director of  Pupil Personnel Services, who would be presenting on "The POSE Exam". (This presentation can be found on the District website, on the BOE page).
Ms. Maiman stated that "P-O-S-E"- Phonological-Orthographic Substitution Evaluation, will be administered to third graders at Jackson Avenue. The P-O-S-E is a test that measures students' knowledge of phonics,specifically their mastery of specific vowel sounds. Some students do not hear the sounds correctly and this can result in reading and writing difficulties. Ms. Maiman explained why the test is administered to the third grade. A student by the second grade should be able to apply sounds to letters in order to read simple words.

She stated that from K through 3rd grade, students are learning to read and from grade 4th and higher,students are reading to learn. Ms. Maiman explained how the P-O-SE is administered to the students. For the spelling test; it is a group administration; it is 30 minutes; and there are 2 tests. For the reading test, it is individually administered, the time is 5 minutes per student and there are two tests.

Ms. Maiman briefly explained the data analysis of the P-O-S-E responses. The student responses are entered into a computer program that analyzes the results and an individual report is produced for each teacher The data then becomes a prescriptive template for classroom teachers, speech-language pathologists, reading teachers and ESL teachers and targets the interventions.

Ms. Maiman explained some of the factors that contribute to high errorpatterns: bilingual speaking students and learning disabilities. Ms. Maiman displayed an example for the group of how short vowel errors affect reading comprehension. Ms. Maiman explained that the use of the P-O-S-E exam and its data can result in time efficient teaching. She explained that the P-O-S-E identifies the specific vowels that the student has difficulty with which allows remediation to be more targeted and efficient.

Ms. Maiman showed a video of the P-O-S-E being used at Jackson Avenue by ESL teacher Christine Shields with one of her ESL groups. Ms. Maiman stated that this exam is being used as another way to improve the students reading skills.

Ms. Napolitano asked Ms. Maiman how long does it take for the intervention to work. Ms. Maiman explained that the time will vary according to the children's specific issues.
Mr. Hornberger opened up the floor to public comment related to the P-O-S-E presentation. There was one comment by a parent / resident.

Presentation to the Plainview - Old Bethpage C.S.D. Board of Education 12/3/12.

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