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Custom pricing for this optional forms-with-processing service is calculated based upon number of grade 3 students per class and total number of grade 3 classes. Separate charges apply to Baseline and RTI forms-with-processing services. Baseline service includes full class Baseline report. RTI services include full class Baseline-RTI comparison reporting. Complete group and individual reports are provided for each class. See the Sample Reports tab on the website for examples. 

Experience has demonstrated that the P-O-S-E(c) forms-with-processing option not only provides significant savings in staff scoring costs but in certain cases may be eligible for government subsidies.

C. Optional Forms+processing svce (per student)

  • The optional P-O-S-E(c) forms-with-processing option provides significant cost savings in scoring and interpretation of outcomes. Raw spelling data, in the students' own handwriting is converted to phonological responses which are then score, analyzed and categorized together with the teacher-transcribed individual reading data. The outcome produces a tabular and graphic Baseline report for each child at the start of the academic year. Class reports, included, arrange in the students in order of intervention priority with indications for focussed intervention.

    End-of-year RTI reports provide tabular and graphic comparison of Baseline and RTI P-O-S-E(c) measures demonstrating RTI intervention effectiveness meeting standards of evidence-based practices.

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